Choosing A Contractor

Over the years of doing business in the industry, I've seen many mistakes made when choosing a contractor.  Some rules are steadfast and some are opinion.  Below are some helpful suggestions.  


  • INTERVIEW your choices in person.  Try to refrain from simply passing out plans or a description of your work and wait for bids to come in.
  • REFERENCES:  Don't just ask, follow up with the names your given.
  • LICENSING:  Be sure the pool of contractors your choosing from are licensed.  You can search the DPOR website and/or ask for the license number.
  • HIRE LOCAL:  It can be tempting to hire contractors outside your area, but ask yourself some questions.  Will they be available for future work or an emergency?  Will my decision add to the local economy? 
  • PRICE:  Be wary of choosing based on "low bidder".  You want your contractor to give you a good price, but you also need honesty when it comes to cost.
  • INSURANCE:  Make sure your contractor has General Liability and Workers Compensation insurance.  You could be liable for accidents or injury if not.

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I hope these links and suggestions are helpful.